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 Acid Lullaby (Brian x Stef)

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MessageSujet: Acid Lullaby (Brian x Stef)   Lun 6 Aoû - 18:36

"Acid Lullaby" - Placebo slash
Je sais pas si je dois continuer. xD

“I know, you love the song but not the singer...”

Brian sang. His voice was dramatically emphasized with melancholy, and sounded like a whisper against the microphone. The audience was used to so much emotion – after all, the term “show” was always quite appropriate when it came to Placebo’s musical performances. For Stefan and Steve, however, it was something else. It was no secret that Brian had taken acting classes before being in a band. Still, neither of the boys could believe that it was solely an act, all that emotion shown on stage, as if the petite-sized frontman was handing his heart on a platter to every single kid standing in the room and singing along with an almost religious devotion.

“I know, you got me wrapped around your finger...”

Brian’s voice had shaken a little. Stef found himself smirking unconsciously at the sexual connotation that line could have. Of course, it wasn’t the first time he had noticed it; but tonight...tonight, Brian seemed to be telling a story. The words were turning into images. The singer had become the song.

“I know, you want the sin without the sinner...” Brian took a deep breath, which could have been mistaken for a sigh. “I know...I know.”

‘You don’t know nothing,’ Stef thought, running his tongue over his lip to maintain a certain focus on the music rather than on the sudden thought that ran through his mind. He wanted Brian. Whether he wanted the man or the performer, he didn’t know – but Brian Molko, tonight, in all his onstage glory, under the electric blue spotlights, was incredibly attractive. He was fragile and vulnerable, but also sexual in all his movements and whispers.

‘Let’s give the kids a show.’

Brian had backed away from the microphone stand, ready for rougher guitar riffs. The rehearsed musical prodigy did not happen, however. Somehow, Stef had walked his way to the man’s side of the stage, slyly, and stood behind him, observing him with a voyeuristic fascination. The next lyrics got caught in Brian’s throat when the bassist slid his hands skillfully down the singer’s chest. He unstrapped his bass and held it over Brian’s guitar, which presence went from bothersome to insignificant. The man seemed to whimper for an instant, like a trapped animal, but his surprised expression soon turned into a smile. Meanwhile, Steve tried to keep up on the drums, clueless to what was going on between his two bandmates but amused at the screams from the spectators. Brian giggled nervously, not knowing what to expect from Stef. He usually wasn’t the one initiating things. Why now?

Stef lowered his head so that his lips were inches to Brian’s ear. “I love you,” he whispered. The man seemed to stiffen under his touch. He bit his lip, aware of his mistake. He hadn’t meant it. Truth to be told, he didn’t love Brian; or, at least, not the way Brian expected to be loved by somebody. It was sensual, chemical, purely instinctive. He wanted to get laid and had lied to have his way, simply because Brian needed something more meaningful than a proposition for a night. Brian needed security, and Stef was willing to make the promise, if only to break it the next morning. His brain had warned him of the consequences, but the growing bulge in his tight designer jeans had convinced him to go for it.

The second the singer opened his mouth again, Stef took yet another initiative. Slowly, he moved a hand down Brian’s thigh, barely hidden by his own bass guitar, and kissed the nape of his neck. Throwing his head back, the small-framed man let an almost inaudible moan escape his lips. “Stop, Stef…” he finally murmured, considering they were getting too far. For Brian to describe something as “going too far”, he must have been extremely aroused.

The bassist obeyed reluctantly, slowly freeing Brian from his embrace, although longing to hold him closer in the most intimate ways.

A devilish grin plastered on his face, the little man went through the remaining songs of the set with a newfound enthusiasm for what was to come after. He barely ever glanced at Stef, except when it was time for a final bow; he actually grabbed the man’s hand and dragged him off the stage.
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Acid Lullaby (Brian x Stef)
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